Expert: Alex Azzi


Although he was always interested in health and nutrition, it was only in recent years that Alex Azzi became a “biohacker.” Alex, a long-time entrepreneur, treats his body and his mind as an engineering project. His passion and mission are to push the limit on improving health and human performance.

With the launch of the online shop, he helped the UAE’s casual and dedicated biohackers access products that were not previously available, including Four Sigmatic mushrooms, Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof line of coffee, MCT oil and grass-fed ghee, and hundreds of other speciality supplements and products.

He brings the community together by helping to organize the Meetup and Facebook groups Biohackers UAE and Keto & Bulletproof Dieters UAE, and has launched several apps devoted to fasting and the Bulletproof & Keto diets.

Alex has lived and worked in Dubai, Venice, Milan, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Auckland, London, Beirut, Doha and New York City.